Poll: Trump leads for first time

Poll: Trump leads for first time, by Paul Bedard.

[A] new Washington Post poll on the presidential race reveals that Republican Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton among registered voters 46 percent to 44 percent.

That represents an 11-point shift toward the presumptive Republican nominee since March.

This is most disappointing for the politically correct Washington Post, so its story focuses on the unfavorable view voters have of both candidates, and that Clinton is more qualified, instead of on Trump’s momentum and huge come-from-behind move.

UPDATE: The average of national US polls at Real Clear Politics has Trump ahead for the first time, by 0.2%.

By the way, Sanders leads Trump by 10.8% in a head to head match up, which indicates that much of Trump’s support versus Clinton comes from people who would otherwise vote for Sanders. A sizeable chunk of the electorate obviously does not want the usual elite and media choice, namely Clinton.