Outsourcing Masculinity: Where Have All the American Action Heroes Gone?

Outsourcing Masculinity: Where Have All the American Action Heroes Gone? by Lisa De Pasquale.

It’s not a coincidence that so many of the most masculine action stars fit into these two categories: of being born outside the U.S. or over 50. Over 40 years of American culture and education run by liberals and feminists has shunned masculine traits in favor of the beta, feminized male.

Ryan Gosling in [new movie] The Nice Guys is a single, well-dressed dad who is in touch with his emotions and relies on brains rather than brawn. Make no mistake, his character has flaws, but the contrast between him and Russell Crowe’s burly character is stark (and is what makes the movie so entertaining).

Blames feminism.

Thanks to feminists, we have a forced evolution that seeks to remove masculinity from American culture. Ritalin and other drugs are overprescribed in boys. They’re taught that weakness is a virtue. Embrace the safe space! Don’t offend! Don’t ask a girl out because that’s harassment! Don’t hold open a door for a woman because that implies inequality!

An entire generation has been taught that masculine traits are bad: hence our age 50 and up action heroes….

Thankfully, our culture is still eager to see masculine representations on the big screen. Unfortunately, those jobs need to be outsourced to men overseas, where being sweaty and stoic is still allowed. The United States certainly isn’t the only country run by liberals, but it is one of the few that allows feminists and other unemployable activists to dictate what’s acceptable in entertainment.

Australia is only 20 years behind. Guess Hollywood will have to turn from Aussies to South Americans or Africans to fill the masculine roles soon.