12 million Turks say they’ll come to the UK once EU deal is signed

12 million Turks say they’ll come to the UK once EU deal is signed, by Caroline Wheeler and Nick Gutteridge.

In the most extensive survey of its kind, almost 16 per cent of Turkish adults said they would consider re-locating to the UK once their country becomes a full member of the EU.

According to the poll, which saw more than 2,600 adults interviewed across all 27 provinces of Turkey, most of those keen to come to Britain are either unemployed or students, raising the prospect of a migrant influx which would place an unprecedented strain on the UK’s struggling public services, including the NHS. …

Analysis by Vote Leave suggests Turkey’s membership in the EU would result in far higher numbers of criminals coming to the UK. Figures released by the campaign group show the crime rate in Turkey far exceeds that of the UK, with the murder rate at least four times that of Britain. …

The wish to relocate to our shores was highest amongst the unemployed people surveyed, a staggering 36 per cent of whom expressed their desire to make the move.

Wow. Talk about a call to the parasites. Just what the PC people say does not and would not happen, because they live in an echo chamber of convenient unrealities. But look on the bright side … all that cheap low cost labor (might even hire a maid?), and Labor voters up the kazoo. And for the PC, the dangers of Muslim fundamentalists and Sharia law in Britain do not exist because Islam is the religion of peace so it’s all good.

hat-tip Stephen Neil