YouGov Poll: Only two percent Of Men Aged 18-24 Feel Masculine

YouGov Poll: Only two percent Of Men Aged 18-24 Feel Masculine, by Virginia Hale.

Young men in Britain are reluctant to identify as “masculine” and think the term has “negative connotations”, a YouGov poll has revealed.

According to the survey, only two per cent of male respondents aged between 18 to 24 described themselves as “completely masculine”, compared to 56 per cent of over 65s.

The results come at a time when, despite the fact women vastly outnumber men at universities, feminists are demanding male students sign pledges to tackle “laddish” behaviour.

Among 18 to 25 year olds, however, the percentage of women with unfavourable impressions of the concept of masculinity jumps from 15 per cent to 27 per cent. Strikingly, more men in this age range felt the word had bad connotations (42 per cent) rather than good (39 per cent).

Ah, the telltale sign that it’s related to political correctness:

Out of those who voted in the 2015 UK General Election, 72 per cent of respondents who voted Conservative expressed a positive opinion of masculinity, compared to 60 per cent of United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) voters, and only 53 per cent of Labour voters.

I blame the war on men on feminism and political correctness. Any other suggestions?

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