These People are Making Millions off the “Refugee Crisis”

These People are Making Millions off the “Refugee Crisis”, by Real Facts Media.

The dirty secret of the “refugee crisis” [in Europe] is that everything is driven by money – and you’re paying for it. Media outlets try to keep you distracted with emotional stories and pictures of children, but at the end of the day it’s all about money and radically transforming Western countries.

Profiting from European taxpayers (who never effectively get to vote on any of this):

  1. African Dictators — European taxpayers are now responsible for bribing African leaders to take back their own people, who illegally entered Europe and do not qualify for asylum.
  2. The Refugee and Asylum Industry — In the US, private contractors have received billions over the years resettling refugees. In Norway, two brothers … made over $60 million in 2015 by housing “refugees”.
  3. Big Business Profits from Cheap Labor
  4. Turkey — Turkish politicians have repeatedly threatened to flood Europe with millions of migrants, unless Europe hands over more cash.
  5. People Smugglers — The average migrant paid 3,000 – 6,000 Euros ($3,400 – $6,800), … completely contradicting the mainstream media narrative of “impoverished refugees fleeing a war zone.”
  6. Asylum Seekers / “Refugees” — Average annual income in Sub-Sahara Africa is 46 Euros per month … in Germany the government allocates 670 Euros per month per refugee.