Trumpophobia, by Peter Smith.

If they were taking exception only to his language, critics of the man who is near-certain to be anointed the Republican presidential contender might have a point. Instead, what fuels their rants and denunciations is an other-worldly refusal to recognise the very issues that have driven his rise.

Trump says he wants to renegotiate defense and trade deals, and Smith points out what the PC elite obstinately refuse to see.

He knows that you don’t get a better deal unless those on the other side think you are serious about walking away. Is that too hard to get? Because he’s an entrepreneur and businessman, Trump knows that you only get a better deal if the other side has something to lose. … A potential walker always gets a better deal. Why otherwise would a salesperson ever drop the price? …

Equally with China, he wants a better deal on trade, hence the suggestion of a tariff. Those cocooned in the media, in universities, in politics just don’t get it. And they repeat the mantra that Trump is against free trade. Listen up! There is no such thing as free trade. It doesn’t exist. That is why free-trade deals take so long to put together and are so tortuous and complex. If trade were free, simple one line communiqués would do it: “trade between our countries is free.” None exist.


Namby-pamby conservatives …  want their candidate to promise to cut entitlements. First, that is the way not to get elected or, indeed, to get kicked out – as Joe Hockey and Tony Abbot found out here. Second, it places the cart before the horse.

Trump’s policy is clear enough for those not blinded by prejudice. In the first instance he intends to bring entitlement spending down by reinvigorating the economy — and creating jobs — through regulatory and taxation reform and better trade deals. That, in fact, is the only way to start doing anything of materiality. Now I am not sure what he intends doing after that but a vibrant and growing economy is a much better place to be in electorally — and economically — to begin the task of phasing in any tightening of entitlement programs.

Cometh the moment, cometh the man.

As it stands, there are no politicians with the nous, courage or skill to renegotiate trade deals; to severely cut environmental regulations and increase the extraction and use of fossil fuels; or to reform taxation in order to boost investment and keep manufacturing from leaching abroad. Nor are there any politicians who will take effective and resolute action to rout ISIS, secure America’s borders, and prevent hordes of Muslims entering America at the cost of its safety and cultural integrity. Experience has shown that conclusively. And that is precisely why America (and the world) needs Trump. It is no accident that he has arisen.

hat-tip Stephen Neil