The Left in denial: terror, refugees and other challenges to our values are actually central

The Left in denial: terror, refugees and other challenges to our values are actually central, by Andrew Bolt.

Yet again Labor goes into an election battling allegations – well-founded – that it is weak and evasive on borders, culture clashes and national identity.

Labor and journalists yet again scream that such issues as “diversions”, “distractions”, “divisive” and “racist”. They just don’t get it. These issues are actually important, even critical, and not distractions to voters but of essential interest and deep concern. …

Learn the lesson of the United States. Parties which don’t take border control seriously and don’t address legitimate fears that Western culture and identity is threatened by mass immigration will be challenged by erratic populists who do – note Donald Trump.

Donald Trump:

We don’t have a country — if we don’t have borders.

Contrast this to the PC view of establishment Republican Paul Ryan:

America is the only nation founded on an idea — not an identity.

The politically correct then take this as an excuse to let in immigrants who are not culturally compatible, in order to change the voting landscape in their favor, and to change the demography to a more third world landscape more amenable to the gimmedat politics of the modern left.

As Scott Greer says in Dear Paul Ryan: America Was Actually Founded On An Identity,

It’s a popular notion to think that our nation was created in a vacuum and created solely to uphold abstract principles. That line of thinking believes there’s no cultural basis to the American proposition, and there’s no real national identity outside of the belief in meritocracy.

That’s pretty quaint — and largely untrue.

America’s belief in individual rights, liberty and equality of opportunity could only come about from the specific culture and institutions that were brought to the New World by British settlers, as Huntington notes. That culture — which placed a premium on liberty and representative government — was unique to Anglo-Protestants and provided the worldview from which our Founders forged a nation. …

Our Anglo-Protestant culture also bequeathed the nation’s strong commitment to hard work and the adoption of English as the all but official language of the land.

Which is why much the same applies to Australia, though Australia is obviously not founded on an idea. See America’s Thinning Cohesion, and Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural.