Eight in 10 Australian universities restrict free speech

Eight in 10 Australian universities restrict free speech, by Rachel Baxendale.

Almost 80 per cent of ­Australia’s universities stifle ­intellectual ­debate by restricting free speech, according to a new survey.

The Institute of Public ­Affairs’ inaugural Free Speech on Campus Audit examined the policies and actions of Australia’s 42 universities, finding that 33 had policies which substantially limited free speech or had acted censoriously. …

Only the University of New England passed the IPA’s test, which used methodology ­adapted from similar American and British studies.

It’s going to get worse, due to political correctness:

The report’s author, Matthew Lesh, said the threat to free speech was likely to worsen ­before it improved, with ­measures such as enforcing ­trigger warnings (content ­disclaimers) and safe spaces ­becoming ­increasingly popular on Australian campuses.

“This has the practical impact of limiting debate on campus, ­reflecting a prioritisation of making students feel comfortable over encouraging intellectual debate,” he said.

The report highlighted [the case of] Liberal students at the University of Melbourne removed from campus for displaying a poster with former prime minister John Howard’s quote “we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come”.