Bernie’s Thug Life

Bernie’s Thug Life, by Matthew Vadum. Bernie Sanders pointedly refused to condemn his supporters for throwing chairs and making death threats against Democrat officials at and after the party’s Nevada convention.

Sanders blew off pressure from Democrat leaders to disavow ugly tactics by his supporters at the event Saturday evening, calling the complaints “nonsense” and arguing that his supporters were not treated with “fairness and respect.”

The pro-violence radicalism among Sanders supporters comes straight from the top. The Vermont senator vocally supports unrepentant Marxist terrorist Oscar López Rivera…

And like Barack Obama, Sanders pals around with terrorists and their backers. In March he met with the Florida chapter of the Muslim terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Sanders strongly supports the Apollo Alliance, a left-wing enviro-pork barrel group that wants the government to take over America’s energy industry and one of whose leaders is Weather Underground terrorist Jeff Jones. Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union and is a fan of Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega.

So when Sanders denounces violence, don’t be impressed: it is a tactic. Nothing more, nothing less.

The far left resorts to politically-motivated violence too readily.

Sanders is following the Saul Alinsky playbook. As an aide to the Rules for Radicals author wrote, while Alinsky was shying away from praising violence in public and sounding “the trumpet blast for democracy,” in private “he would say that violence has its uses.”

Note that [Sanders] refused to apologize for – or even criticize – the actions of his supporters at the state convention. Like many leftist radicals, Sanders is skilled at bouncing between studied reverence for nonviolent action and refusing to condemn violent left-wing activism, which is a slippery way of endorsing violent left-wing activism. He offered a milquetoast, perfunctory, blanket condemnation of violence in general…

What about the right?

Although right-wing political violence doesn’t take place a lot in modern American politics, Sanders and the media want Americans to believe otherwise. This helps to explain why they falsely accused Tea Party groups of violence (and racism and other undesirable isms) during the fight over Obamacare. …

Sanders accuses Donald Trump’s supporters of unprovoked physical aggression against his supporters, while at the same time denying that he is encouraging his supporters to rough up Trump rally attendees.

Of course Sanders’ denials, however passionate at times, ring hollow. It is a longstanding practice of the Left to accuse its enemies of its own antisocial misdeeds in order to avoid accountability.

(This is not to excuse or make light of the relatively few incidents in which Trump supporters have thrown punches at Sanders-supporting protesters, but for the most part fans of The Donald were trying to deal with obnoxious protesters who were disrupting Trump rallies. Excessive enthusiasm in cracking down on the rude is not the same as trying to prevent free speech and political expression.)

hat-tip Stephen Neil