The Motto of Sanders Voters: “Socialism is fun so long as someone else is paying for it”

The Motto of Sanders Voters: “Socialism is fun so long as someone else is paying for it”, by Dan Mitchell.

My favorite Margaret Thatcher moment might be when she pointed out there’s no such thing as public money, only taxpayer money.

Or perhaps when she exposed leftists for being so fixated on class warfare that they would be willing to hurt the poor if they could hurt the rich even more.

That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people instead chose Thatcher’s famous line about socialism and running out of other people’s money. …

But what can we say about starting point rather than end point? Why do people get seduced by socialism in the first place? For part of the answer, let’s turn to the famous quote from George Bernard Shaw about how “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.”


According to a poll conducted by Vox, [Sanders supporters] want freebies from the government so long as they aren’t the ones paying for them. “When we polled voters, we found most Sanders supporters aren’t willing to pay more than an additional $1,000 in taxes for his biggest proposals. That’s well short of how much more the average taxpayer would pay under his tax plan.”

The Sanders version of the monopoly game, courtesy of Mark Perry, the must-read economist at the American Enterprise Institute:


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