Federal election 2016: Greens turn up heat on Safe Schools agenda

Federal election 2016: Greens turn up heat on Safe Schools agenda, by Paul Kelly, editor of The Australian.

The revolt is now gathering pace — led by the ALP Andrews government in Victoria and the Greens — against the Turnbull government’s hefty curtailment of the Safe Schools agenda and its intention to stick by the original plan and terminate federal funding in 2017.

That cannot last long since the Greens have now tried to wedge Labor yet again — this time on the Safe Schools program, seen as iconic by political progressives. So, where does Labor stand?

The ideological anger over this program, on both sides, is intense and growing. It was bound to happen. Many observers were slow to fathom that the Safe Schools program — with its pervasive philosophy of gender fluidity and rejection of the male/female gender paradigm — was destined to become a values and culture war battleground between traditionalists and progressives backed by the LGBTI community.

Paul Kelly, always late to the party, comes to grips with PC. Why hasn’t he noticed this behavior from the politically correct before, on issue after issue? Oh, that’s because Kelly adopted the PC position on those issues, so he found their name calling rather agreeable. But now he is being called names, which makes all the difference.

The performance of political leaders on this issue has been astonishing. Premier Daniel Andrews regularly brands critics of the program as “bigots” and Greens leader, Richard Di Natale, regularly brands them as “homophobes”. Such inflammatory language from party leaders and premiers about their critics is almost unprecedented in politics these days. It is completely unacceptable coming from leaders, but reveals the depth of feelings around this issue.

The risk for the Coalition is that its conservative heartland — for example, think Senator Cory Bernardi — will re-engage and compound past errors with more counterproductive remarks. But since protesters defaced Bernardi’s office and intimidated his staff, his ongoing involvement is pretty much inevitable.

The Greens are steadily making opposition to their views illegal, which will put an end to 2,000 years of Christianity:

The Greens in their statement yesterday have escalated the stakes by tying changes to anti-discrimination law to the expanded Safe Schools program to deliver “a full suite of policy positions on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia”. …

The prospect is that legal changes would allow the state to impose agendas such as the Safe Schools program on faith-based institutions against their will. The Andrews government has long said it wants the Safe Schools program mandatory in all schools. The Greens are fully aware of the electoral clout of the LGBTI community and its supporters.

Oh and now Kelly notices the trademark tactics. Bravo.

Politicians defend the program on the grounds that it delivers results and has reduced bullying. Yet they fail to speak truth to this agenda. It is an anti-bullying program tied into a radical mantra that preaches gender fluidity in schools. By refusing to acknowledge this, the program’s political champions are being deceptive. Why won’t they defend the ideology they promote?

The public contempt for parents who have concerns has been astonishing. They are patronised and insulted. The language of “bigots” deployed by political leaders is designed to intimidate people and it has been successful.

Better late than never, Mr Kelly. Now, how about letting a second article into your newspaper that questions the theory that increasing carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming? You let in one article in 2008, by me as it happens, which mentioned the forbidden evidence against, but never again. Your readers know almost nothing of the missing hotspot and how it is fatal to the theory.