Trump to San Francisco: Sanctuary Cities ‘Unacceptable,’ A ‘Disaster’ Creating ‘Safe-Haven for Criminals’

Trump to San Francisco: Sanctuary Cities ‘Unacceptable,’ A ‘Disaster’ Creating ‘Safe-Haven for Criminals’, by Matthew Boyle.

“Sanctuary cities are a disaster,” Trump said when questioned. “They’re a safe-haven for criminals and people that should not have a safe-haven in many cases. It’s just unacceptable. We’ll be looking at sanctuary cities very hard.”

As Breitbart News’ Lee Stranahan reported from the scene last week at a city meeting, San Francisco city officials are aiming to expand their sanctuary city protections for illegal aliens there. As Stranahan was recording the event via video, several illegal alien sympathizers successfully sought to have him illegally removed by law enforcement from the public meeting.

When informed of what happened to Stranahan at the meeting during this interview, Trump said it was “unbelievable.”

Breaking the law to further the PC narrative, in order to show contempt for the values of the majority, seem to be a badge of honor among the politically correct nowadays. Due to their control of much of the media and government, they know that they will not get sued or given a spell in prison. Here is another one:

Jordan Brown Admits Hoax After Accusing Whole Foods of Gay Slur, by Warner Todd Huston.

After appearing in the national media to charge that a Whole Foods store in Texas wrote a gay slur on his cake decoration, an Austin man is now admitting the story was a hoax, canceling his lawsuit, and is apologizing for his claims. …

In mid April, Brown, the pastor of the Church of Open Doors and an open homosexual, claimed that a bakery worker at an Austin, Texas, Whole Foods bakery worker wrote the word “fag” on a cake he ordered to be decorated with the words “love wins.”

Brown quickly took his charges to court to sue Whole Foods for the incident and then appeared in a press conference covered by national media outlets.