Greens set price for Labor deal: 50,000 refugees every year

Greens set price for Labor deal: 50,000 refugees every year. Andrew Bolt reports that the Greens will drop their objection to tough controls on people coming illegally on boats if instead Labor flies in tens of thousands of “refugees” legally by plane. Labor has already promised to raise the humanitarian intake from 13,750 to 27,000 a year within a decade.

Note the trouble that many Muslim Lebanese, Sudanese and Somali refugees have had settling in peacefully.

Bolt then links to an article of his from 2011:

… 85 per cent of refugees on Centrelink benefits in their first five years here.

Worse, it’s the “refugees” who push in—the boat people we don’t pick, and who exploit the Government’s weak laws—who cost us most.

The vast majority of boat people say they are from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Sri Lanka, and these are exactly the refugees most likely to be unemployed and living on welfare, even after five years.

Just 9 per cent of Afghan adults have a job and 94 per cent receive benefits, which means every boatload of Afghans landing here is a boatload almost entirely of people we’ll be paying handouts to for years.

On that basis, of the extra 50,000 refugees imported by the Greens in 2017, about 45,000 will be on welfare in 2022, and so on. The majority are Muslims, many perhaps not assimilating so well, and with a high birth rate. Does Green policy mean our kids and grandchildren can look forward to an ever more diverse culture, supporting a growing army of parasites who despise them, with the country resembling ever more the places these “refugees” came from? What happens when these people become a sizable minority, as in parts of Europe? Is that our future too?

Why do we bother? Because these “refugees” reliably vote Green or Labor and they make the Greens feel morally superior to the rest of us? These immigrants do not live in the wealthy suburbs where the Greens live, but they live in the areas and go to the schools where working Australians live and pay taxes.