41 BBC Presenters Who Are Paid More Than David Cameron

41 BBC Presenters Who Are Paid More Than PM David Cameron.

Last week the BBC won a battle with Culture Secretary John Whittingdale to keep these names secret. The compromise Whittingdale and the Corporation reached is that it will in future only have to identify those paid £450,000 or more.

However, there is a significantly sized group in the bracket below that, who are paid between £150,000 and £449,000. Insiders say this group is so large, BBC bosses are terrified of the public outrage it would unleash if it were ever formally revealed. …

It is inexplicable that any six-figure publicly-funded salaries should be allowed to stay in the shadows with government approval.

In every other walk of publicly-funded life – from the NHS to the Armed Forces, parliament and the education sector – salaries are published as a matter of routine. …

The BBC has a ridiculous new catchphrase: “For all of us”. It rings incredibly hollow when it refuses to tell the public how their money is being spent.

Follow the money.

A few years ago I published a critique of the ruling PC elite in the context of climate change, and annoyed some by pointing out that the end result of climate change policies, as with so many other PC policies, is to create an elite class of people whose salaries are determined by what they as a group say they are worth, paid with money taken from taxpayers. Meanwhile most of us are under the discipline of the market and are taxed.

It has been my experience in climate change that an awful of warmist behavior can be explained by money. There is a US$1.5 trillion per year industry of researchers, renewable energy subsidies and assorted hangers-on and carpet-baggers dependent of the results of some dodgy immature models originating in 1986. Small wonder that they work very hard to discourage anyone from criticizing the science.

National or international bureaucracies like the BBC are the ultimate: they all pay themselves what they think they are worth out of bountiful taxpayer money, with little or no accountability, and considerable power and influence. A much better gig than being some low-paid politician, who the public only hears from if the BBC says so. People will work pretty hard to get into that class — so do not be too surprised if truth and morality are collateral damage.

hat-tip Joanne Nova