The Pope: Neither Holy, Nor Roman, Nor An Umpire

The Pope: Neither Holy, Nor Roman, Nor An Umpire, by Hugh Fitzgerald.

The Pope deplores this “resignation and weariness” of Europe: “what has happened to you, the Europe of humanism, the champion of human rights, democracy, and freedom?”

But the Pope appears clueless and avoids certain grim realities, because of political correctness:

Could it be that Europeans, whatever their outward views, regard with secret dread this ever-increasing population of Muslims, and that fear, not economic inequality (the other theme of the Pope’s Charlemagne speech), is what is now most demoralizing Europe?

But neither the Pope nor anyone else among the “respectable” leaders will ever discuss this; that’s left to Le Pen, Wilders, and similar beyond-the-pale outcasts.

The situation today is depressing. What a disaster our foolish PC elite have brought on us.

Imagine starting out in Europe today, with the Muslim population in the European Union already approaching 25 million (and that is not counting, next door, the 70 million in Turkey, or the 20 million in Russia). When a young European couple makes plans for their own future, in many places they now must consider whether they will be sending their children to schools with large numbers of Muslim children (schools with syllabi subject to drastic change, as in France, where the history of Western Christendom is no longer compulsory). Private schools might be a solution for that young couple, but also would be an extra expense which, in turn, might cause them to limit their own family’s size.

Meanwhile, Muslims greatly outbreed non-Muslims all over Europe, and thus constitute an ever-larger percentage of the population.

Nor is it only the young who must revise their expectations downward. When older Europeans consider what state assistance will be available to them, they must take into account a likely decrease in what they will receive, because of the amounts now going to Muslim immigrants (most of whom never paid into the social security system, but are still eligible for support).

Our elite are true idiots. Look at this:

The Pope is not alone in minimizing the role of Christianity (at least in his public utterances) in creating the civilization of Europe. It’s become quite the thing. A few years ago, former French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac created a mild scandal when he spoke of a “Europe whose roots are as much Muslim as Christian.”

When will they notice: Islam is different.

If proof of the openness of European societies to immigrants were needed, look only at the success with which so many “others” — Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists – have been integrated. Compare their example with that of Muslim immigrants who, remaining true to their faith, instead of accepting those well-meaning attempts to integrate them, work to impose their own “culture” uncompromisingly on the “culture” of their European hosts.

hat-tip Stephen Neil