Surprise! After secret talks, tiny Vermont town gets 100 Muslim migrants

Surprise! After secret talks, tiny Vermont town gets 100 Muslim migrants, by Robert Spencer. From the pc Boston Globe:

RUTLAND, Vt. — Marble quarries known the world over once attracted immigrants to this small city tucked beside the Green Mountains. Now, a simple quest for peace and safety is beckoning a new group.

Mayor Christopher Louras has unveiled a plan, developed in near-secrecy, to resettle 100 Syrian refugees who fled the onslaught of the Islamic State and are exiled in sprawling Jordanian camps. …

Louras made no apologies for excluding the public from the planning. If the proposal had been floated earlier, the mayor said, the debate would have become ‘about them’ — meaning the Syrians, their culture, and possible links to terrorism — instead of whether the city had the means to accommodate the refugees.

Brilliant and naked, excluding the rubes who actually have to live with the Muslim immigrants from the decision. Says Spencer:

Yes, and we can’t possibly have a public discussion about whether the migrants have possible links to terrorism. That would be “Islamophobic.”

The pc elite have a bad case of Islamophilia, because they share a common enemy.

“’The benefits, economically and culturally, that we will recognize is exactly what the community needs at this time,’ said Louras, the grandson of a Greek immigrant who fled the Ottoman Turks a century ago.” It has almost certainly not entered Louras’ mind that any of the people he is bringing to his town might share the world view and aspirations and goals of those who drove his grandparents out of Ottoman Turkey. Inconceivable!

hat-tip Stephen Neil