USB Computers are here

Stick Computers are here. A complete Windows computer from Intel in a stick that plugs into an HDMI port of any tv or most computer monitors. Attach a charger, and keyboard and mouse (USB or wireless), and you have an actual working computer. Though somewhat under-powered, it is good enough for simple tasks like browsing the web or a PowerPoint presentation. Comes with two USB ports and wi-fi.

Intel Compute Stick (2016) review: A second-gen computer-on-a-stick gets bigger, but better (US price, US$159):

As a media streaming/Web-browsing machine for casual or travel use, secure transport of business files and apps, or just a second lease on life for an old TV or monitor, the Intel Compute Stick sits just north of an impulse purchase. If Intel could get it down to around $99, I’d say it’s the kind of product everyone should keep around in a drawer for just-in-case use.

Review: Intel’s Compute Stick 2.0 – small, but needs more power (Australian price, A229):

Nearly every television, every spare computer monitor, or even projectors with HDMI inputs can now be transformed into an instant Windows 10 desktop computer, all with a little sleight of hand. The trick is to palm one of the new generation of micro-desktops, such as Intel’s $159 Compute Stick — no larger than an oversized USB key — and plug it into a spare HDMI input.