Why Malcolm Turnbull is a Dangerous Leftist Ideologue

Why Malcolm Turnbull is a Dangerous Leftist Ideologue, by an anonymous critic. This is an interesting website I came across. Well researched and written, it argues that:

The Liberal Party is supposed to be the custodian of classical liberalism and conservatism. Malcolm Turnbull is neither. He is a leftist-‘progressive’ and secular humanist who wants to take Australia in the same general philosophical direction as the Labor Party and the Greens.

Below I have produced a meticulously researched timeline, and a series of stand-alone articles, highlighting Turnbull’s left-wing ideological orientation, and his intimate associations with the Labor Party.

I clearly show that Turnbull’s ideology is long-held and deeply-ingrained. Indeed, he has never been anything other than a leftist, and continues to ruthlessly pursue that agenda as Prime Minister.

Over the last few years, it’s been my experience that if someone you don’t know all that well politically expresses some disapproval of the Liberals or Abbott, yet approves of Turnbull, then that person nearly always turns out to be a Labor supporter. While Abbott was in power, “Turnbull would make a good leader of the Liberals” was often code for “I prefer Labor.”