Petraeus calls for self-censorship to avoid offending Muslims

Petraeus calls for self-censorship to avoid offending Muslims, by Robert Spencer. David Petraeus commanded US forces in Afghanistan in 2010 – 2011, and was Director of the CIA in 2011 – 2012.

[Petraeus ] just doesn’t like Trump’s former proposal [to temporarily ban Muslims coming to the US until we sort the situation out], and what he terms “hate speech against Muslims” in general, because it will, he says, enrage Muslims and make more of them join the jihad against the U.S.

So the upshot of Petraeus’ argument is that we must not say things to which Muslims might object, because this will just make more of them become jihadis. His prescription for minimizing the jihad against the West is for the West to practice self-censorship in order to avoid offending Muslims. …

Petraeus is saying that in the wake of violent intimidation by Muslims, the West’s proper response is to give those violent Muslims what they want, by conforming our speech to suit them. In reality, this will only encourage more violent intimidation.

How dopey is that? Especially while the West still has the means to militarily defeat Islam. Talk about a weak horse.

hat-tip Stephen Neil