Merkel forced to tiptoe to right as support surges for closed door party

Merkel forced to tiptoe to right as support surges for closed door party, by Bojan Pancevski.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that attempts to demonise the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) have backfired as the party has risen to a record 15 per cent in the polls.

The German leader has instead conceded she must move to the right to counter the backlash over last year’s “open door” policy that attracted more than 1m migrants to the country.

With the migration crisis expected to cost the German exchequer euros 94bn (pounds 65bn) by 2020, AfD campaigns on anti-migration and anti-Islam platforms. It chose to hold a rally in Munich’s Hofbrauhaus beer hall on Friday, a venue where Adolf Hitler vituperatively denounced the Versailles treaty in 1920.

However, members of Merkel’s inner circle fear there is no traction in lambasting the AfD for such politics.

“They are here and if they get democratic mandates we must learn to live with that,” a government source said. “Dismissing them as Nazis or talking about a far-right disaster will not help: we must engage AfD on the substance.”

Locked together in a grand coalition, the country’s traditional left and right parties, CDU and the Social Democrats, command a combined support of just 50 per cent in the latest opinion polls.

The issue of globalization and swamping the west with third world immigrants is a PC policy throughout most of the West. Opposition to it from the native populations is rising. Democracy is responding correctly, despite PC control of the media. The PC elite, at least in Germany, is now forced to engage on substance instead of merely dismissing opposition to their policy with name calling and bullying.