Martin Durkin’s “Brexit: The Movie”

Martin Durkin’s Brexit: The Movie. High quality movie arguing for Brexit. British democracy or European dictatorship?

More importantly, the movie explains how the PC elite have become the undemocratic rulers of Europe.

One side knows, one side is a priesthood and knows how it all works. And the rest of us ordinary citizens don’t know how it works. A massive transfer of power takes place.

It was devised to make sure that the great mass of the people could not control government, ever again.

The EU is not undemocratic — it’s anti democratic.

The EU is very good at purchasing the loyalty of powerful and articulate interests in all the member states. … Every charity over a certain size is getting money from Brussels, every NGO. … You know what we see here is really a racket. It’s become a very good way of taking money from the general population and handing it to people who are lucky enough to be working for the system [i.e. are PC].