Trump: Muslim ban ‘just a suggestion’

Trump: Muslim ban ‘just a suggestion’, by Robert Spencer.

Trump’s backing off of this, which was quite clearly and definitely a policy proposal when he made it, suggests that he wilts under pressure, as the pressure on him for this has been intense indeed ….

This proposal is also a chief reason why he has outlasted all the contenders and stands as the man with the best chance to be the Republican nominee. Poll after poll has shown that a huge number of Americans supports a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration — not because huge numbers of Americans are “racist,” as the Left feverishly imagines, but because most Americans know that there is a problem with Islamic terrorism, and most Americans see that the current approaches aren’t working to stop it.

None of Trump’s detractors have ever bothered to offer an alternate plan — how can they, since there is no way to distinguish jihadis from peaceful Muslims?