The Other Side of The Same Coin

The Other Side of The Same Coin, by Ron Manners.

The success of civilizations can be measured by the number of people who flee FROM defective civilizations TO good civilizations. Australia ranks well on this scale, despite what the pessimists might tell you.

Evolution trumps central planning:

The notion of ‘spontaneous order’ arising where none was intended has not been lost on some of our greatest thinkers. ‘Fatal conceit’ was a term that one of our favourite economists, F.A. Hayek, used to describe the optimistic delusion that central planners can manage economic growth by substituting their own ‘expertise’ for the information generated by the billions of daily interactions that occur in a complex free-market society.  Translating ideas like this, into our business and personal lives, is a worthy challenge; that of repairing our uninspiring political landscape which, in my view, is completely broken.

How to get your policies implemented by politicians:

I remember economist Milton Friedman once saying, when describing the battle of ideas, that “The important thing is to establish a political climate of opinion, which will make it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing.”

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