Culture Creep: Anti-Male Edition

Culture Creep: Anti-Male Edition, by Rebecca de Winter.

I’d like to point out the hilarious irony of a movement that claims “gender is a social construct” while at the same time belittling males in particular at every turn. Just chew on that for a moment. …

Spend half an hour browsing feminist forums and websites and your hair will stand on end from all the spittle-flecked vitriol spewing from within these hardened hearts. …


While it may be debatable that men are in crisis (men of older generations still rule the roost when it comes to positions in Congress, or as CEOs, for example), for younger generations, there is no question boys are falling far behind.

For a brilliant, sharp analysis of the roots of this decline, Christina Hoff Sommer’s “The War Against Boys” is a must read. Sommers references the “climate of disapproval” in which boys now grow, which has dramatically increased in recent years.

None of this is really surprising, having witnessed decades of  media portraying men as bumbling morons, with brilliant and beautiful wives barely tolerating their existence with thinly veiled condescension.

As writer Avi Woolf describes in a brutally honest piece, “All the traditional avenues of value and self-worth seem to be closing off for an increasing slice of the male population. And many are simply dropping out of life as a result.”

Commenter Diggs caustically adds:

Plenty of boys grow up without a loving, caring father in the home, and go on to become cultural icons. Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown come to mind immediately.