Two-thirds of Germans want Merkel out at next election

Two-thirds of Germans want Merkel out at next election. A poll last week asked Germans if they thought Merkel should run for a fourth term and 64 percent responded that she should not.

Other polling figures show that if an election were held now, Germany’s two main political parties would barely scrape together 50 percent of the vote between them. …

This figure is a drop of 17 percent on the last national election and would have been unthinkable up until recently. In the post-war period, the two Volksparteien (major parties) have habitually carved up the vast majority of the electorate between themselves.

FLASHBACK: Forty percent of Germans say Merkel should resign over refugee policy, 28 Jan 2016. Merkel enjoyed record high popularity ratings early in 2015.

hat-tip Stephen Neil