The Myth of the Masculinity Crisis?

The Myth of the Masculinity Crisis? Helen Smith quotes Robert McCain:

“Men’s Studies” is a racket just like “Women’s Studies” is a racket. The key difference is that feminists exercise veto authority over what is taught in Men’s Studies classes, whereas men are not allowed to criticize the anti-male ideology taught in Women’s Studies. Everything taught in university classes now must conform to feminist doctrine — dissent is impermissible — so that Women’s Studies is about teaching women to hate men, and Men’s Studies is about teaching men they deserve to be hated.

Then she notes:

A masculinity crisis implies a problem with men themselves and I don’t think this is the case. There is, instead (as Stacy mentions) a problem with the liberal social justice warriors who want men to be defective girls. This is in order for them to manufacture a crisis in order to make harmful policy.