Green Deputy Speaker of French Assembly Resigns over Sexual Harassment

Green Deputy Speaker of French Assembly Resigns over Sexual Harassment. A distant affair to be sure, but what is interesting is that he is being forced to resign amid allegations such as “Greens spokeswoman Sandrine Rousseau said he groped her breast in a corridor and tried to kiss her” and “Former Green MP Isabelle Attard said she had received salacious texts almost daily.”

Obviously poor behavior by a Greens MP, if the allegations are true without some excusing context, and it cannot be condoned. But the BBC article goes much further:

Hard not to feel depressed and disenchanted by the allegations of sexual harassment now swirling around Denis Baupin, the deputy speaker of the French assembly who resigned on Monday.

Depressed because it appears to be proof once again of the sexual arrogance of so many French males, especially in politics.

Well yes, but sexual arrogance of white males? That is nothing. Have any of these foolish journalists ever thought about Muslim male attitudes towards women? Have they ever been to Africa? Or Papua New Guinea? This is disgracefully blatant anti-white propaganda by …. white people. Such selective enforcement of moral standards, for political advantage.