BBC job advert white people cannot apply for

BBC job advert white people cannot apply for. An ad for interns was placed online, but whites may not apply. Any chance the people responsible at the BBC think of themselves as morally superior to all those “racists” out there in the wider population? A caller to radio talkback, Paul from Forest Gate in east London:

[W]e are losing our heritage, our nationality. We’re losing it all because as soon as you say something you are classed as racist. That job interview for no-whites allowed is racist. If we did that advertising for only an English white nationality it would kick up a storm.

But the BBC didn’t resile in the slightest, instead resorting to meaningless semantics:

This advertisement is for a training and development internship not a job. Since 2014 the BBC has partnered with Creative Access to provide a limited number of these specific training internships which provide vocational training in production. Positive action schemes are allowed under the Equality Act and the BBC has designed these training and development schemes to be positive action schemes, aimed at addressing an identified under-representation in this area.

A non-excuse dressed up in exhausting bureaucratic language. Who can be bothered wading through mess like that?

Commenter wisestreligion adds:

The BBC have set a target of 8% for homosexuals on their staff. They already have well over the 1.6% that would represent the homosexual proportion of the population. But they will never be satisfied as they have made a religion out of sponsoring minorities.

BBC pledges half of workforce will be women by 2020:

The BBC has pledged that 15% of its workforce will be drawn from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds in staff and leadership roles by 2020, as well as ensuring the same percentage for on screen, on air and in leading roles.

Disabled people will make up 8% of the workforce and lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people will also comprise 8% by 2020.

hat-tip Stephen Neil