‘It’s Like a War Zone’: TV Crew Forced to Flee Migrant Youths

‘It’s Like a War Zone’: TV Crew Forced to Flee Migrant Youths, by Chris Tomlinson.

A Norwegian TV crew with an experienced war correspondent was forced to flee a Swedish cafe after they came under threat from young migrants shouting at them in Arabic. …

Anders Magnus, [who] led the crew and was conducting the interview… “It was scary to be in Sweden for this mission. They are so many and they are going in gangs. We hear the police talking about hand grenades being thrown, their being pushed, and having stones thrown.”

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An Australian TV station has released a shocking report showing its crew being attacked by masked men in a Stockholm suburb know as ‘Little Mogadishu’ due to it’s primarily Somali population. …

The Channel Nine crew and high-profile Australian news correspondent, Liz Hayes, had traveled to the Swedish capital to investigate how the migrant “overload” has affected Swedish society.

Upon entering a migrant area, Rinkeby, they were quick to discover some of those effects, and why it is that they have become known as “no-go zones”.

And the politically-appointed police commanders just let it go:

Since the report was filmed last month, Swedish police have dropped all charges, despite the migrants throwing missile and punches, fly kicking the journalist, and even running one over with a car. … However, he later said that police had decided to close the case as “very experienced police officers” had made the decision to focus their resources elsewhere.