Fast Islamization of Europe, with Christian Assistance

Fast Islamization of Europe, with Christian Assistance, by Julio Severo.

Sadiq Khan, the new Muslim mayor of London, said, “This election was not without controversy and I’m so proud that Londoners have today chosen hope over fear and unity over division.”

A Muslim teaching “unity” to a nation with a Christian past and majority?

The news report have all been saying that one in eight residents in London is a Muslim and more than a third of the city’s population was immigrant. But as with so much else from the media, this is not the whole truth.

These numbers do not include those born to non-white or Muslim immigrants. To explain this special case, I have interviewed Professor Rodney Atkinson, a British conservative leader who has given speeches in universities and public meetings in England and throughout Europe. He has written a number of books and been an occasional adviser to ministers and MPs, since 1981. Atkinson, whose brother is actor Rowan Atkinson (the famous “Mr. Bean”), runs the conservative British website Free Nations:

This from Professor Rodney Atkinson:

The main reason why Khan won in London was demography. London is no longer a British city. The non-white “British” make up about 53% of the population of London.

Khan (standing for the Labour Party that have been buying the votes of immigrants by making the rest of us pay for their mass immigration) got 57% of the vote.

First, we lost London demographically. Now we have lost it politically. Next, we will lose it culturally. Then by language.

Atkinson goes on to mention an important phenomenon long hidden by the PC media and political establishment:

Muslims alone make up 6% of the population (officially) [of England. But] Muslim gangs have raped, and sexually assaulted thousands of white British children in Rotherham, Oxford and other places over at least two decades. As one Pakistani abuser of children said to a mother of one of the girls abused: “They are white trash. That’s all they are good for.” (BBC Radio 4 Today programme 19th September 2014.)

And the former Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw said that Muslim gangs found white children “easy meat.”

Tony Blair’s government and the Labour local authorities in those areas deliberately covered up the abuse.

In 2001 a Home Office researcher in Rotherham was sent on an “ethnicity and diversity awareness course” and told that she must “never, ever” repeat her findings that child molestation on a massive scale was being perpetrated in the town and the culprits were mainly gangs of Muslim men.

Obviously one could write a book on this evil. But never in the history of the world has a country — and a political party, mainly the Labour Party — presided over the cultural and demographic destruction of their own capital city.

Julio Severo, the author of the article, asks:

Why choose then as the mayor of London the representative of a religious ideology championing the worldwide persecution and murder of Christians and Jews? …

The politically correct insanity is so widespread in the English culture that even the Conservative Party is not so conservative and much less Christian. Leading Muslim activists in this party expressed anger over conservative Goldsmith, saying his attacks on Khan were “racist” and “intolerant.”