Captain America’s ‘heterosexual virility’ lamented by Vanity Fair

Captain America’s ‘heterosexual virility’ lamented by Vanity Fair, by Douglas Ernst. From Vanity Fair ‘s review of the blockbuster movie “Captain America: Civil War”:

Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson left the theater disappointed. Her reason: … super soldier Captain America got nostalgic for his “skirt-chasing” days with best friend “Bucky” Barnes. … the character explicitly makes clear his attraction to women.

“As if to put the nail in the coffin of speculation, Bucky and Cap paused for a moment in the middle of snowy Siberia to reminisce about their days chasing skirts in pre-War Brooklyn,” Ms. Robinson wrote Sunday. “It’s a sweet, human bonding moment but one that also bristles with heterosexual virility. If Disney isn’t inclined to give audiences a gay superhero, couldn’t they have at least left us the dream of Bucky and Cap?”

Enough said. Anyway, pandering to PC is box-office death:

Readers at the media curation website Twitchy said it would have been a huge mistake for Marvel Studios to tinker with the character’s sexuality.

“When [writers] alter an existing character with decades of history to make the PC crowd happy, then it’s complete garbage because it’s blatant pandering,” a reader identified as Joe said.