Bathroom Bills & CEOs: Why Corporations Are Siding with Transgenders

Bathroom Bills & CEOs: Why Corporations Are Siding with Transgenders. Stephen Turley suggests another reason for the push to gender fluidity, in addition to “blowing up the binary” and the postmodernist’s power push that “everything is a social construct” and “truth is relative.”

But why on earth do CEOs care so much about this? Why do they act as if they have a dog in this fight? Why are they so adamantly siding with such a small percentage of the population?

Because destroying any form of identity that is not wholly self-chosen is good for globalized business.

I would therefore argue that the corporations promising to boycott states like North Carolina for their traditionalist politics are not so much for LGBT rights as they are against arbitrarily restricting lifestyle options, since such limitations are deemed inconsistent with a society comprised of consumer-based self-expression.

There is also a larger agenda, as Rod Dreher explains in Localism, Globalism, And Gender:

[Y]ou will notice that behind the rhetoric of “diversity” and “inclusivity,” those with power are attempting to disempower and indeed oppress those who don’t go along with them. …

We know about the hypocrisy of the secular left and corporate elites. No conservative who has ever had to suffer through so-called “diversity training” in a corporation can fail to grasp the deep dishonesty within the ruling class and its ideology. This is not about “freedom” at all. This is about destroying any nodes of resistance to a globalist ideology of consumer desire. …

[W]e know that gender ideology is the new crusade by elites in law, academia, and government, for transparently ideological reasons. What is harder to understand is why business cares one way or another. But once you realize that it helps business do what business wants to do when it obliterates all awareness that there are some fixed realities pertaining to the human person that are not chosen. What is the purpose of most advertising if not to convince people that they can become the person they want to be, or can reach a state of satisfaction they do not currently possess, if they would only pay for a product, service, or experience on sale. Gender ideology serves the goal of making the human person more manipulable by power elites, including global corporations.

hat-tip Stephen Neil