Washington Subway Falling Apart Due to Anti-white Discrimination

Washington Subway Falling Apart Due to Anti-white Discrimination. Steve Sailer notes today’s announcement:

Metro threatened with shutdown unless ‘urgent action’ is taken

Citing a botched response to a fire on Thursday, the Federal Transit Administration issued a series of emergency directives and threatened to shut down all or parts of the nation’s second-busiest subway.

Then he cheekily posts a Washington Times article from 2012 hinting at the anti-white hiring practices at the subway:

Metro derailed by culture of complacence, incompetence, lack of diversity: Inept get promoted, … capable get buried

Ninety-seven percent of the bus and train operators at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority are black, with only six white women out of more than 3,000 drivers, according to Metro documents — a lack of diversity at one of the region’s largest employers that has led to an acknowledgment of failure in affirmative-action documents and spawned a series of lawsuits.

The homogeneity, interviews with dozens of current and former Metro workers indicated, is a proxy to a clubby culture of favoritism in which merit has little to do with promotions, and accountability, such as noting safety violations, is a career death knell. In typical examples, court and Metro records show, a black man who spent eight years in prison for dealing PCP was promoted to a high-level management position soon after his release, and whites in the same positions as blacks with far less seniority are inexplicably paid less.

Commenter Jim Don Bob:

WMATA has been known to be a black jobs program for years, but the SWPLs ignored it, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

More money will thrown at the problem but nothing will change because that would require black accountability and we all know that is Raaaaacist. I am glad I work from home.