The Two Faces of #NeverTrump: Those Who Know and Those Who Don’t

The Two Faces of #NeverTrump: Those Who Know and Those Who Don’t, by Jim Jatras. Why do Republicans in the #NeverTrump movement want to stop Trump?

For a tiny but influential (and very wealthy) subgroup lurking under the #NeverTrump rubric, the answer is simple: they want to ensure that Hillary Rodham Clinton and her sex predator husband move back into the White House in January. Beltway Brahmin George Will and neoconservative ideologue Max Boot (settling for Hillary because Stalin is unavailable) have said as much.

For this faction, Trump is perceived as a threat to the bipartisan oligarchy whose wealth, power, and privileges depend on uncontrolled borders, globalized trade, and endless wars. The nomenklatura of the U.S. Deep State still hopes to throw Cleveland into chaos by denying Trump a first-ballot win, splitting the GOP, and offering up some luckless victim (until Indiana maybe Ted Cruz) as the Designated Loser. Or, failing that, if Trump does prevail, to have poisoned enough minds against him to cripple him in November.

With regard to this faction, there is little to be said. They are irredeemable enemies of the historic American nation. They cannot be appealed to, they can only be defeated and their snouts yanked out of the trough they’ve been slopping at for decades.

Perhaps some Republicans prefer being Democrat-lite and the rewards of being insiders, than to truly oppose political correctness.

hat-tip Stephen Neil