The Napoleon of the Current Year

The Napoleon of the Current Year, by Richard Spencer. This guy says a lot of things that you won’t find in the media. Provocative:

Trump, the phenomenon and not just the man, has been a very long time coming. For something has been rotten in the state of America for a very long time. And Trump haters are right about one thing — the phenomenon can only be understood as an expression of white American’s growing awareness of their demographic displacement, the erosion of their security and power and influence, and the cutting off of their future. In other words, the Trump phenomenon derives from what could be called “the great erasure” – former white countries being transformed, humiliated, and ultimately invaded and raped. This is what is happening in the world, and this might be the most important historical development of the past 500 years. The system, you could say, is looking into that place where it dares not look, and it finds Trump there, staring back at it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil