Taliban kill critic of Red Mosque in Pakistan. When will the West wake up?

Taliban kill critic of Red Mosque in Pakistan. When will the West wake up?

A prominent Pakistani journalist and human rights activist, Khurram Zaki, has been shot dead in Karachi. He was an editor of the website Let us Build Pakistan, which condemns sectarianism and is seen as promoting democratic and progressive values.

The spokesman for a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban has said they were behind the shooting. He said they killed him because of his recent campaign against a cleric of the Red Mosque in Islamabad … [who refused] to condemn attacks such as that on a school in Peshawar in 2014 in which 152 people, most of them schoolchildren, were killed.

The victim’s website said afterwards:

His death is the grim reminder that whoever raises voice against Taliban [and other militant groups] in Pakistan will not be spared. And when they have to murder, they never fail.

When will the western masses get the message that the West’s “be tolerant and respect everyone no matter what” is going to be met with the exact opposite from the people they’re being so nice to?

The West spent most of the last 1,400 years fighting off Islam, which once almost got to Paris, twice threatened to conquer Vienna, occupied Spain for seven centuries, and occupied Greece for three. Islam is not just a religion, like Buddhism or Hinduism, but a totalitarian ideology of conquest. Nearly all the lands now run by Islam were conquered, not peacefully converted. Why is this all forgotten now? Why does nobody seem to know this now? Why is the West now so naive and determinedly ignorant of what is going on?

The massive political revolutions of twentieth century Europe are, culturally, like biological mass extinctions. The “collective human wisdom” of age was apparently wiped out. Will the West now commit suicide before Islam?