Report suggesting new carbon tax for Australia hidden until after election

Report suggesting new carbon tax for Australia hidden until after election, by Joanne Nova.

While Turnbull and the Liberals are attacking Labor for wanting a “massive new carbon tax on electricity,” it turns out that the Climate Change Authority is going to recommend the Liberals do exactly that but not ’til after the election. Allegedly Greg Hunt’s office are “very happy” that the report will be delayed. It would muddy up that scare campaign about Labor’s carbon tax if the punters knew the Libs planned to bring one in too….

We are bizarrely reliving 2009. The public don’t want carbon trading. They have voted against it at every opportunity. They don’t want to spend even $2 to neutralize flights, yet both major political parties are now demanding we have one. If the report is suppressed in any way it shows Turnbull and Hunt know the public don’t want a carbon tax, but they’re going to give them one despite that. …

Labor and Greens seem oblivious to how little the public want to pay for “climate change”. The Liberal Party seem oblivious that over half the Australian population are skeptical.

In 2010 Abbot and Gillard both promised no carbon tax, and the election was a draw. Gillard then won government by back-flipping and promising a carbon tax to the independents, and subsequently introduced one.

In 2013 Labor offered a continuation of their carbon tax (though waffling about calling it something else), while Abbott was clear about ending that tax. Abbott won.

In 2016 we have a third permutation: both Labor and the Liberals are offering a carbon tax, though dressed up in different language and disguised somewhat.