‘Women’s Equality Party’ Admits It Has No Position on Sharia

‘Women’s Equality Party’ Admits It Has No Position on Sharia, by Chris Tomlinson. The Women’s Equality Parety in the UK is headed by comedienne Sandi Toksvig, who is a regular on various BBC panel programmes. Asked about their stance on Sharia, the party replied that

The Women’s Equality Party is a non-partisan political party and the issue of Sharia councils is a partisan one so we do not have a party line.

Sounds like a very trendy position from which to be PC and appear virtuous. Slacktivism. Her questioner reacted with disdain:

I’m sorry but that’s absurd.  This is a matter of fundamental importance for women’s basic rights, much less equality. It’s admirable that you want to support people forced in to marriage etc, but wouldn’t prevention be better? That involves some serious courage.

It is clear to me that you will focus on uncontroversial matters while ignoring unimaginable cruelty to women right under your nose. Such a shame. Feminism has really become a joke.

hat-tip Matthew