Islamic Council scoping sites for grand mosque in central Melbourne

Islamic Council scoping sites for grand mosque in central Melbourne. The Islamic Council of Victoria is searching for a site for a grand mosque in central Melbourne to cater for growing demand.

I wonder if it will be funded in part by Saudi Arabia, for ideological reasons?

WikiLeaks ‘Saudi Cables’ reveal secret Saudi government influence in Australia, by Philip Dorfing in the SMH last year.

WikiLeaks has revealed secret Saudi Arabian influence in Arabic media and Islamic religious groups in Australia as well as covert monitoring of Saudi students studying at Australian universities. …

The leaked Saudi government documents include extensive correspondence between the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kingdom’s embassy in Canberra that reveals sustained Saudi efforts to influence political and religious opinion within Australia’s Arabic and Islamic communities.

The Saudi embassy is also revealed to pay close attention to the political and religious beliefs of Saudi university students studying in Australia with reports sent to the Mabahith, the General Investigation Directorate of the Saudi Ministry of Interior, the Kingdom’s brutal secret police that deals with domestic security and counter-intelligence.

The directorate is also revealed to make recommendations in relation to Saudi government funding for building mosques and supporting Islamic community activities in Australia.

The Saudis export Wahhabism, a fundamentalist form of Islam. It is a totalitarian political ideology, as well as a religion. Imagine if the Soviets had paid for a huge Communist Secretariat building in Melbourne in the 1950s, to coordinate communist activities in Australia, and the local PC virtue-signalers had fallen over themselves to approve of it.