Cambridge and Oxford universities slip in world rankings

Cambridge and Oxford universities slip in world rankings. Cambridge and Oxford remain in the top five, at fourth and fifth place respectively, but both have moved down two places on their 2015 ranking. The article, from the BBC, says:

The UK’s diminishing performance occurs as institutions in Asia rapidly rise up the table – the continent has 17 representatives, up from 10 last year.

However this might be more accurate:

The UK’s diminishing performance is in large part due to its universities being destroyed from within by left-wing, politically correct forces who couldn’t care less about learning and rational thought. Rather, they are focused on controlling these institutions by proscribing what can and cannot be said or published (consistent with their agendas), and on furthering their own power.

If PC is disabling more liberal institutions, perhaps the more engineering schools will move up the ladder — MIT, Caltech, and perhaps Stanford.