Van Jones Implies Democrats Need Minorities to Remain Poor and Resentful

Van Jones Implies Democrats Need Minorities to Remain Poor and Resentful. CNN contributor and social justice activist Van Jones had an interesting comment on electoral maths:

Democrats, in order to win, historically need 90 to 92 percent of the black vote. If only 70 percent don’t like Donald Trump, that means 30 percent are open to his argument. If he gets half of those, he’s president.

Blacks are about 13% of the US population, so the difference between 70% of 90% of blacks is about 2.5% of the whole US population, which indeed is often the difference between winning and losing a Presidential race. Steve Hayward comments:

Let this sink in slowly. Ensuring that Democrats continue to receive black votes in a monolithic block, it is in their interest for blacks to remain poor and resentful, which is why agitators like Jones work overtime to keep racism alive and boiling. If blacks in larger numbers entered the middle class, more of them would likely start voting Republican. No wonder the left makes sure to reinforce the idea that your skin color or ethnicity should determine your ideology and your vote, and why dissenters like Clarence Thomas are demonized. It’s rare to see this  implicitly acknowledged.

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