How the Media Uses Pictures to Protect Islam

How the Media Uses Pictures to Protect Islam, by Raymond Ibrahim. This image, of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian child who tragically drowned in the Mediterranean, was widely distributed by the western media:Alan_Kurdi_lifeless_body French President François Hollande:

[Hollande called many] European leaders after the images [of Kurdi] were circulated in the media and told the leaders that the picture must be a reminder of the world’s responsibility against refugees.

The article by Ibrahim shows several pictures that the media choose to ignore, which portray Islam (the totalitarian political ideology, rather than the religious aspect) in a bad light. We’ll show one here. Christian children are not the only ones slaughtered by Muslim jihadis for being “subhuman” “infidels.” This toddler girl was reportedly chained and made to watch her Shia parents being executed.


Based on another grizzly picture (warning!), her heart may have been carved out by the “rebels” (ISIS, Muslim fundamentalists).

Why did the MSM – which you now know habitually ignores images of children killed for being non-Muslim “infidels” — publish and disseminate the image of an ACCIDENTALLY drowned child far and wide?

Simple: For a desired effect. For a political agenda. In this case, the agenda was to prompt “sympathy and outrage at the inaction of developed nations in helping refugees.”

As a result of the media showing westerners the first picture but not the second, Europe has no doubt let in many more Muslim migrants — including ISIS operatives and sympathizers — than it would have otherwise.

As mentioned in the About page of the Wentworth Report, the media lie by omission to achieve political agendas.

In this case, the narrative/political agenda is to maintain the farce that Islam is inherently peaceful and that the West needs to take in millions of Muslim migrants.