Get Ready for the Biggest Media Assault You’ve Ever Seen—Aimed Squarely at Trump

Get Ready for the Biggest Media Assault You’ve Ever Seen—Aimed Squarely at Trump, by Paula Bolyard.

First, let’s take a look back at Barack Obama’s first election. Do you remember when the media set aside their journalistic standards and became full-time sycophants for Obama? They ignored Obama’s ties to radicals like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright and put Obama’s campaign ahead of the best interest of the country. Sure, they’re all Democrats and leftists, but this was extreme, even for them. They wore their Obama love openly on their sleeves (or in Chris Matthews’ case, on his quivering thigh). The extent to which they were open about their favoritism was shocking at the time, even to those of us who are aware of the bias that is built into the MSM system.

The media is going to be against Trump like they were for Obama in 2008:

If you think the Democrats don’t have vaults of dirt on Trump squirreled away just waiting for the general election, I’m guessing you’re smoking something. He can’t pay off all of the “top women in the world” he’s slept with and some of them are going to talk, as will some of the business associates he’s wronged over the years. …

The left (and their partners in crime in the media) are going to destroy him. They are not going to stand by and take a chance that Hillary Clinton will not become president. They may not like Hillary, but they know she’ll reliably protect their dual sacraments—abortion on demand and LGBT rights. They have no idea what Trump will do, but they won’t risk losing the ground they’ve gained with Obama (especially on the courts) to a giant, unstable question mark.