Donald versus Hillary — the fight begins

Donald versus Hillary — the fight begins, by Edward Luce, in the Financial Times (strongly establishment PC, and thus anti-Trump).

American politics will never be the same again. Less than eleven months ago, Donald Trump launched his presidential bid. The rest of us collapsed laughing. Now he is the Republican nominee. …

Forget Republican versus Democrat. It will be insurgent versus establishment, shoot-from-the-lip versus political correctness, disruption versus business-as-usual and nationalist populism against conventional internationalism….

On planet earth, the result ought to be a foregone conclusion. Mr Trump has serially insulted so many groups of Americans that they account for most of the US electorate — a crushing majority if you add women….

Mrs Clinton’s heaviest millstone is her low trust ratings — most Americans simply do not rate her integrity. …

As the underdog in the race, Mr Trump will maintain a constant edge of unpredictability. He will delight in wrongfooting Mrs Clinton whenever he can. He will also subject her to the kind of insults that were taboo in mainstream US politics until he came along.

The bottom line is this: do not trust conventional wisdom. Every generation or so long-held nostrums lose their salience. The next six months may well provide the most gripping political drama of the postmodern era.