America’s Thinning Cohesion

America’s Thinning Cohesion, by James E. Miller. The left has an ideology to go with the demographic change they are wreaking on the the US.

[T]he “propositional nation” concept [is] so enjoyed by the left. Liberals love to crow about America being an open, welcoming society for all.

Mainstream conservatives, who wet the bed over the possibility of being called xenophobic or hateful, have foolishly given in to this abstraction. … Speaker of the House Paul Ryan [recently] contended that “America is the only nation founded on an idea—not an identity.”

Not by a mile, Mr. Amnesty. …

America is a country founded by men of English descent, informed by Protestant theology and Enlightenment ethics. The founders didn’t create a country and system of government that was meant for pygmy hut-dwellers.

It was made for what John Jay called in Federalist No. 2 “a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs.” These “people” just so happen to be predominantly Anglo-Protestant. Over time, other creeds and ethnicities have adopted, sometimes imperfectly, the American identity, including Germans and Catholics. But we still remain a weird breed compared with, say, the goat-lovers in Syria. …

For half a century, the left has been engaged in a “forgetting” campaign to wipe our collective memories clean. The origins of America have been deliberately buried over with the dirt of multiculturalism, victimology, and the Zinn perversion of history.