Two men robbed a family at gunpoint early Sunday morning at Ivanhoe East

Two men robbed a family at gunpoint early Sunday morning at Ivanhoe East in Melbourne.

Nick was coming home from church early Sunday morning with his family when he was held up by 2 men with sawn-off shotguns.

As Nick walked through the door of his Ivanhoe East home about 1am he heard his wife screaming and saw the men in the driveway.

Nick told Neil Mitchell – “I grabbed one of the gentlemen just before my wife shouted out GUN” –

One of the men held a shotgun up against Nick’s chest – “I didn’t know he had a gun at the time”.

Thankfully Nick and his family were unharmed. The thugs stole a Jeep Cheroke which was located later in the day following a short pursuit with police.

The police report and most media reports omit the most distinctive feature of the criminals — they were black, which Nick points out in a radio interview with 3AW. Might not that be relevant, if only to help people spot them?

This is a fairly common lie by omission nowadays, obviously aiding a pro-immigration agenda — and while that may or may not be a good thing, we are being lied to.

It is so politically incorrect to point out the race of a criminal in such a circumstance that the media and many people hesitate to do so, and thereby end up lying by omission. Self-censorship caused by political correctness. If you say the wrong thing, there are adverse social and perhaps economic consequences.

If the pro-immigration case is so good, why the lies? Who is determining what is politically correct to say, and what is not? Whoever gets to control what people say is really running the place, for that is a very great power indeed, and I’m quite sure it is not the Prime Minister or our elected government.

Our family had a (less dramatic) home invasion a few years ago. As it happens, the criminals were black.