Trump Thumps the Ruling Class

Trump Thumps the Ruling Class, by George Neumayr. The ruling class initially dismissed and laughed at Trump’s prospects.

Up in New York City I noticed that none of the anti-Trump outrage of the ruling class had trickled down to the peasants. They either didn’t care about Trump’s politically incorrect brashness or kind of liked it.

While lavishly paid, “brilliantly perceptive” reporters and editors …  were saying that Trump had “zero chance” of winning the nomination, anybody who bothered to speak to ordinary folks walking the streets below the suites of The New Yorker could see that Trump had a huge opening.

Such inept punditry and incompetent reporting is the journalistic equivalent of a surgeon killing a patient on the operating table. Yet all these reporters and pundits keep working, often failing upwards to six-figure jobs, provided that they attend all the right parties and know all the right people.

The public’s exhaustion with, and at times hatred of, the corrupt ruling class, for which this naysaying anti-Trump media complex served as a constant advertisement, largely explains the rise of Trump.

Meanwhile, over at the Democrats:

The ambivalence toward Hillary among Democrats is uncanny. Even in New York, where we’re told “educated women” will thrill to her, it is hard to find any. Most of them I’ve met see Hillary as an over-the-hill feminist hag and resent her presumption.