The new, acceptable face of racism

The new, acceptable face of racism, by Rod Liddle. Good to see the progressives being called out, ever so nicely, for their racism.

Exactly a year ago this week I was at a dinner party [in the UK] when a famous opinion pollster leaned over to me and said: ‘You know, the best thing about this election is that within two years Chuka Umunna will be the leader of the Labour party and Sajid Javid the leader of the Conservatives.’ …

‘Why would that be a good thing?’ I asked, genuinely confused, and helped myself to more wine. ‘It will show how far we have come,’ he replied. …

[I]t suddenly dawned! The bloke was actually a racist! When he looked at Chuka and Sajid he did not see two talented and personable politicians. That they were of black or minority ethnic origin was the only thing that mattered to this man. The liberal left, of which this man was most definitely a sponsor, will grab at anything in order to corral it into their own forlorn and absolutist little pen.

And this delightful little poke:

Tony Blair’s former spin doctor Alastair Campbell went along to a Leicester [soccer] game — and what do you suppose he saw? After the game, he tweeted his experience: ‘Fantastic to see fairly high proportion of non-white faces in the crowd at Leicester City. All too rare at most clubs.’ What? So while 31,961 people were captivated by Leonardo Ulloa and Riyad Mahrez tearing Swansea City apart, Alastair had his face turned in the other direction. He was taking a census. He was counting non-white faces. A bit like my mum used to do when she came up to visit me in London — ‘I counted more than 20 of them in one street alone, Rod.’ …

Don’t they go on and on and on about race?

One chap asked: why bring race into everything? Well, precisely. That’s the point. But they have to, the metro-liberals. If something is perceived as being ‘good’, such as Leicester City’s charge for the title, then it has to be ‘good’ in all the ways which accord with the bien-pensant agenda. I am mildly surprised that Alastair did not give us an approving breakdown of the proportion of transgendered Leicester City fans and whether or not they had successfully transitioned.

hat-tip Stephen Neil