Swedish asylum centers: Muslims threaten to slaughter Christians

Swedish asylum centers: Muslims threaten to slaughter Christians, by Carey Lodge.

According to the Swedish Evangelical Alliance, one Christian refugee in Kalmar, south-eastern Sweden, was threatened with “slaughter”, and having his throat cut by a man who claimed to have fought with jihadist groups in Syria.

A Pakistani Christian couple moved into a church when the husband’s name was sprayed on a wall near their room calling for his death.

A separate group of asylum seekers in Kalmar were forced to leave their accommodation when their harassment escalated. …

Christians do not live in refugee camps in the Middle East, because, there too, they are persecuted by Muslim extremists. …

It is obvious that we are not able to protect them at the existing accommodations. We cannot live on with the romantic idea of a harmonious mosaic of religions and ethnicity in our accommodations for asylum seekers, that time is past.

UPDATE: Germany: Muslim teens admit bombing Sikh temple; one was in deradicalization program.

hat-tip Stephen Neil and Robert Spencer