How Sweden’s Green party became tangled with Islamist groups

How Sweden’s Green party became tangled with Islamist groups, by Nima Sanandaji. The green of the environmental movement has been allowed to intermingle with the green of Islamism.

Do you support the green movement? In Sweden this question has gained something of a double meaning, as prominent members of the Green party have been associated with various Islamist movements. The result is a massive scandal…

[T]he Green party has been reaching out to Muslim leaders in the country. In the process, it seems, they have not only established contact with moderate groups, but also with Turkish-nationalists ones and those with an Islamist agenda.

[T]he Green party has become vastly popular amongst journalists. A survey from 2012 has found that 41 per cent of journalists, and the majority of journalists in the public television and radio broadcasters, sympathize with the Green party. This can be compared with 7 per cent of the general public who voted for the party in the 2010 and 2014 national elections.

Sounds like the Australian media.

For a long time journalists had not scrutinized the Green party, likely due to their sympathies. Particularly the issue of relations with Islamist and Turk-nationalists groups was sensitive. …

It sounded strange that Green party representatives would share Islamic and Turk-nationalist values. But once some journalists and editorials started digging on the matter, the scandal kept growing.

A journalist was given a tip about interviewing Yasri Khan, who was nominated to join the board of the Green party. It turned out that Khan refused to shake the hands of female journalists.

[Te two leading Green spokespersons] have shown quite some reluctance in distancing themselves from the actions of their colleagues, such as Mehmet Kaplan and Yasri Khan. [One, when] discussing the resignation of Mehmet Kaplan on a morning television broadcast,defended Kaplan by saying: “He has been chairman of Young Muslims in tough situations like the September 11 accidents”. Referring to the 9/11 attacks as accidents didn’t exactly put water on a raging crisis.

Sweden is often a leader of social trends in the West, so the upcoming Greens conference will be interesting. What will they do about the irreconcilable differences between western values and Islam? Maybe the differences can be overcome by “the enemy of your enemy is your friend”, in their hatred of white cis-gender, straight, Christian males who live in the suburbs and work in the private sector. Or something.

Some Green party members accuse the media of unjustly attacking members of a Muslim belief, reflecting anti-muslimism. Others are questioning how the green of the environmental movement has been allowed to intermingle with the green of Islamism. Some views, it seems, are difficult to join under the same roof.

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